About Us

14506111574_2345e0646d_kThe Foremost Dairy Research Center is at the intersection of traditional hands-on teaching and cutting-edge research.

Overall, the Center supports more than 400 Holstein, the popular black-and-white spotted cow, and crossbred cows.

The work we do improves the health of dairy herds and the quality of their milk.

We disseminate the knowledge gained through our research to those working in the field as well as the next generation of dairy farmers, scientists and industry specialists.

Farm History

14506318022_bf342734ba_bNamed for James Cash Penney’s beloved bull Langwater Foremost, the Foremost Dairy Research Center is a research and teaching facility located near Midway in Columbia, Mo. J.C. Penney donated the money to purchase 819 acres. He also donated a herd of prize-winning Guernsey cows.

The son of a Hamilton, Mo., farmer and preacher, Penney was instilled with a desire to live and do business by the Golden Rule, and his straight dealing practices made his business ventures a success.

As his personal fortune grew, he became concerned about the low quality of American milk and meat and the splintering of America’s great cattle herds. These concerns inspired him to buy Langwater Foremost in the 1920s for the then record price of $20,000.

We are inspired by Penney’s example and we’re proud to be a part of that legacy here at Mizzou’s Foremost Dairy Research Center.